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Vaginal infections
Vaginal infections

Burning, itching sensation in the pubic area, urge to urinate, more copious, strong-smelling or discolored discharge. These symptoms are signs of a vaginal infection!


It's unpleasant, it's uncomfortable, and of course it always comes at the worst time. We can find out if the infection is caused by a fungus, bacteria or protozoan by examining the vaginal discharge. Treatment is usually a suppository or vaginal cream according to the type of infection.

Vaginal discharge is a clear, white or off-white liquid that comes out of the vagina. This discharge is produced by the uterus, cervix, and vagina, and is mainly made up of shed cells and bacteria. Its function is to moisten the vagina and help to clean it. Discharge from the vagina is therefore a natural and normal process, but changes in discharge can also be a sign of infection or disease. Women have varying amounts of vaginal discharge. Some people produce more discharge, while others notice very little. A change in the color, texture, smell, or amount of normal vaginal discharge can be a problem.

Vaginal health, normal discharge
Miről árulkodik a hüvelyváladék színe?


normal discharge, ovulation, pregnancy



normal discharge. If lumpy: fungal infection


may be a sign of a vaginal infection (STI).


inflammation of the cervix, irritation, polyp, implantation bleeding


menstruation, abnormal bleeding


bacterial vaginosis

When should I see a doctor?

It is worth consulting a doctor in all cases when you experience unusual, strong, unpleasant symptoms.

The cause of the problem can usually be easily identified during a vaginal examination. In case of doubt, or in case of recurring complaints, it is worth running a pathogen test, this can be vaginal secretion culture or targeted pathogen detection (PCR)

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